Making Charity Social… A Simultaneous Dinner Party Will Do.

Research | September 26, 2013

DinnerPartyYVR_EventImageWhen Social Bites approached Chimp with an idea that was anything but ordinary we jumped. #DinnerPartyYVR is a one-of-a-kind idea that focuses more on the conversation around charity, than on fundraising itself. It’s an inclusive dining experience in Vancouver with the added feel good charity factor. 100% of each $35 ticket will be gifted back to diners after the event through the Chimp Foundation.



socialbitesAnnika Reinhardt, founder of Social Bites shared the birth and genesis of Social Bites and its goals and impacts with this particular event.

“I’ve hosted smaller home dining events for a few years now and like think of Social Bites as a ‘friend machine’. With #dinnerpartyYVR I wanted to do something impactful for the community and show how easy (and delicious) it can be to connect the dots between local charities and each and every one of us. I’m excited to have such a strong partner on board in Chimp and look forward to creating meaningful connections between Vancouverites and local charities over delicious meals.”

The event features menus by some of Vancouver’s most prominent food and lifestyle bloggers including Mijune Pak (Follow Me Foodie), Marc Smith (30 Day Adventures) and Cassandra Anderton (Good Life Vancouver), and members of the Foodists Collective. Meals will appeal to all taste buds: ocean wise, vegan, gluten-free, or pork galore, #dinnerpartyYVR has you covered.

Tickets are available online via event partner HomeDine and tickets include admission to a dessert after party at Hawkers Market. Diners will also enjoy beer and wine courtesy of beverage sponsors Granville Island Brewing and Serendipity Winery.


Peruse the menus and buy your tickets here.
(Remember 100% of your ticket price will be reimbursed to you via Chimp!)

It’s exciting that this “do good” event isn’t just fundraising for local charities, it’s educating, engaging and caring about the culture of charity. We have been blown away by the depth and breadth of conversations we’ve had with “hobby chefs” as we help point some in the direction of cause categories and by the chosen charities who have welcomed our requests so openly. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that individuals give to charities they have a personal connection to — and this event appears to have all of the ingredients to create these connections, around a dinner table, no less!

Over the weeks leading up to #DinnerPartyYVR, we’ll be sharing stories about the charities, business partners and hobby chefs involved. Whether you live in Vancouver and want to take part, or you’re from afar and want to create a way to involve multiple levels of your community, we hope this inspires you to do more good.

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