What Makes Us Happy at Chimp

Research | November 19, 2014

In September, we brightened up our office space with an ambition wall, which marked the beginning of our quest to “brandify” our workspace.

Our latest creative project focused on revamping the main wall in one of our boardrooms, called the “Rumpus Room” — a nod to a famous children’s book. The goal we set ourselves was to give the room a unique look, but also to bring our company together by creating something for Chimp staff, with Chimp staff.

Inspired by Airbnb’s Snow White art installation, we decided to ask all “Chimpers” to name one thing that makes them happy. Next, we armed a small team of volunteers with Sharpies and they set out to draw people’s replies.

Between answers like “bacon”, “a good pen” and “a polo-playing clown on a centaur” our party of painters had plenty to choose from. And the result looks amazing!



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