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How To | October 17, 2011

We just read an article on the Huffington Post site about “giving 2.0,” telling people not to give more but to give in a way that matters more.

And we couldn’t agree more. This is exactly why Chimp exists.

The author, Laura Arrillaga-Andreesen (who teaches strategic philanthropy at Standford University), has some great advice, and we’ve pulled out some of her top points:

  • “Give to what interests or excites you most and make it a long-term affair, rather than a ‘philanthropic one-night stand.’”
  • At the same time, “To make a bigger impact, you also need to shift your giving from sympathetic to strategic.”
  • “Giving through trusted intermediaries means that, instead of giving to invisible recipients, you can see how your generosity is used….”
  • “Collaborative giving is another way to maximize bang for philanthropic buck. You can pool funds – moving from isolated to collaborative – and make joint giving decisions, helping your money go further than it would have if you made a gift alone.”
  • “In the midst of economic turmoil, when everything seems out of control, let’s focus on what we can control – how we express our generosity.”

Of course we’re pleased as punch that Chimp offers people a way to give according to each point she makes. From our charity profiles where you can find revenues, expenditures and other details on the 85,000+ registered charities in Canada to our new Chimp Groups, we want to help you make your giving matter more. How do you make it matter more?

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