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Research | February 21, 2012

We believe in accountability. And that people should be able to trust the charitable sector.  We think all charities should be able to explain what they do with the money given to them. And we hold ourselves to the same accord. As a public foundation, Chimp Foundation is a registered charity after all.

In fact, we kind of relish the opportunity to show you that everything is on the up and up here. So we’re sharing the 2011 financial statement for Chimp Foundation, as audited by one of Canada’s largest accounting firms, BDO.

The numbers reflect Chimp Foundation’s financial world from August 1, 2010 through July 31, 2011. This was our first year of operations; before August 1, we had nothing to show or tell other than vision.

We’re young, we’re new, so don’t expect to see Buffett-like numbers here. But you will see we’re hard at work doing what we say we do – sending your money on to the charities that you ask us to send it to.

A few highlights to whet your financial appetite:
Donations of cash and securities: $1,235,916
Disbursements to charities: $434,639*
Number of charities that received disbursements: 612

For explanations on these numbers, a complete list of all the charities that received disbursements and all the financial fun, download the Chimp Foundation Finanacial Statement.

We know financial statements can be boring and hard to understand for those not use to reading them. And by the time they’re ready to be viewed, their numbers seem to be ancient history. We’re always considering how to show more real-time accountability, so if you have ideas on how we can achieve this, please let us know.

*You can see by the amount donated to Chimp Foundation and the amount sent on to charities that there’s still a lot of money waiting to be given away. Get giving!


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