Lets Hear It For These Giving Groups!

Research | August 13, 2013

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of the tremendous effort giving group leaders have made in raising funds for various charitable projects. Your charitable impact does not go un-noticed. To celebrate, we often stage a photo op to recognize their awesome effort. Here’s a photo mashup of some of the most recent.

Readers For Readers achieved their crowdfunding goal of $1500, and were matched, doubling their contribution towards Under The Reading Tree.
Photo 2013-08-07 10 51 52 AM (HDR)

Wolf At The Door, a new play at Pacific Theatre crowdfunded more than $1000. It’s the first time we performed Thriller to celebrate.

Triathlon For A Cause, benefitting The Lipstick Project and The Red Cross, crossed their funding finish line.


Chase + Breanna Hutfelter’s Uganda Mission raised $4500.


FreeKicks.Org has raised more than $16,000 to date. They’re only 20% away from reaching their target.

Photo 2013-07-09 11 33 34 AM

Feel inspired? Head straight to Giving Groups and start raising funds for something you care about.

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