Learning to Play Better with Charitable Rewards

How To | April 14, 2014

This season, the boys from Team Falcons youth soccer club made it their goal to play better – not just for themselves, but for their community as well.

The ball got rolling when one of the team’s coaches, Willie Cromack, came up with an idea to tie charitable rewards to skills development. By focusing less narrowly on goals and winning, the coaches could help the boys could focus on developing essential skills that make them more well-rounded players – while also emphasizing the importance of citizenship, community investment, and personal growth.

The team’s response to the idea was incredible. Parents were eager at the thought of infusing charitable values into the game, and the boys were thrilled at being able to help others through their passion, determination, and love of the game. And that was just the spark the boys needed to help them play better.

Playing Better = charitable rewards

One technical skill the team was eager to improve on this season was their passing. So each time the team achieved a set number of passes per game, their parents, coaches, and supporters contributed charitable dollars to the Team Falcons Giving Group on Chimp as a reward.

The result: an increase in the average number of passes per game from 46 to over 140! By shifting the focus to passing the ball, the team started scoring more goals. The team has just wrapped up a stellar season and the response to their play has been tremendous.

The best part for the team has been giving back to the causes that are important to them. At the start of the season, the boys overwhelmingly wanted to help support charities working to end cancer. With the disease affecting several families on the team, it was a cause that was deeply personal for everyone.

Thanks to their extraordinary team effort, the Falcons raised over $2300 this season! Playing for a cause greater than themselves has brought the team together like nothing else, and that’s a win for both their play and the community.

Play Better

The Team Falcons story really inspired us at Chimp. That’s why we’re launching Play Better, an initiative aimed at supporting and encouraging a positive culture around youth sport. By fostering player development through charitable rewards, the program teaches young players how to make a positive impact that extends beyond the scoreboard.

Sign up your soccer team today!

If you’re a coach or parent interested in bringing Play Better to your soccer team, talk to us! You can also stay up to date on the latest Play Better news on Facebook.

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