Last Chance to Give On in 2013

Research | December 29, 2013

Make your charitable donation count by December 31st

With the end of the year upon us, there are only three more days to get your charitable donation in for the 2013 tax year. Any money you add into your Chimp account by December 31st will be eligible for 2013 tax credits.

Maximize your charitable giving

To encourage Canadians to give, the government provides tax incentives for charitable donations to registered charities. This means your initial donation to charity actually costs you much less, making your charitable dollar go further. All donations made through Chimp can be claimed toward your charitable donation tax credit each year so that some of what you pay in taxes goes back to you. Calculate your tax savings by using the Canada Revenue Agency’s charitable donation tax credit calculator.

You can claim up to 75% of your net income in charitable donations, and any amount claimed beyond $200 qualifies at a higher tax credit rate. In addition, first-time donors and donors who haven’t claimed any charitable donations in the past five years are eligible for the First-Time Donor’s Super Tax Credit, an additional one-time tax credit of 25% on the first $1000 you donate.

Give now, decide later

With Chimp, you can add money into your account now and decide where to give later. You’ll receive a tax receipt for 2013 when you give by December 31st, and you can choose to send that money right away to charity or wait until you’re inspired to do so.

To help with your giving, we are committed to keeping giving costs low. This season, Hootsuite has joined our efforts by covering all fees when you send money to charity so that 100% of your giving counts.

End your year strong!

Give by December 31st to the causes you care about, and make 100% of your giving count in 2013 on Chimp.

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