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Research | November 6, 2014

#GivingTuesday is now one of the biggest days of charitable giving in North America and second for average gift size (after December 31st). It also kicks off the biggest giving month of the year as roughly 30% of annual giving happens in December.

Needless to say, December is an important month for your cause and organization. So whether you already have a plan in place for giving season or are looking for ideas, we invite you to join us for a free webinar that will cover the following 3 fundraising strategies you can launch on #GivingTuesday (or anytime, really).

Crowdfund a Project

Creating a project with a clear goal and timeline makes it easy for donors to give to your cause. When donors know how their gift will make a difference they are more likely to give. When they see others giving, they are more likely to join in. And as you are approaching your goal, they are more enticed to donate and help complete the project.

Fundraising pages, like Chimp’s Giving Groups, build in these features to make it even easier for you to create a project and launch it on #GivingTuesday.

Empower Supporters to Fundraise for You

#GivingTuesday doesn’t just have to be about asking your supporters to donate. You can ask for pledges and volunteers as well. One way your supporters can volunteer is by creating their own fundraising page to fundraise for you.

Just by offering an option to fundraise, we’ve seen some creative and successful ideas ranging from hiking up mountains, riding bikes, and even covering songs to raise funds. This can help spread your cause and mission to new people while also engaging current supporters.

Add a Matching Incentive

Because #GivingTuesday is a focused day, it can help with securing a matching donation from a donor, business or foundation to inspire more giving on and around the day. We’ve seen some huge success with charities being able to leverage matching funds to double the impact of their donors and double the funds raised to their bottom line.


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