How to show appreciation this Valentine’s Day  

February 08, 2022
4 min read

Sierra Jones-Vassos

Marketing Coordinator

Beyond the romance, you can give thanks to those who make a difference in your life.

When thinking of Valentine’s Day, images of candlelit dinners, big bouquets of flowers, and boxes of decadent sweets probably come to mind. The romance is nice, but there might be another way to focus on caring and compassion this February. 

Remember how you spent Valentine’s Day as a kid? Your day may have been all about hurrying around to hand out and collect cards with cute sayings, like “You are my purr-fect Valentine!” Valentine’s Day was a time to give thanks and appreciation to all your classmates and to your friends. Does that sound familiar?

This Valentine’s Day, we’re encouraging you to be reminiscent of those elementary school days. You can celebrate the day with admiration and recognition of the important people in your life, beyond your significant other. This could be your coworkers, clients, family, or friends—those who have brought you joy through their camaraderie and support. 

How to wish your colleagues a happy Valentine’s Day

You may be wondering, is it appropriate to wish a client, coworker, or work friend a Happy Valentine’s Day? There are thoughtful ways to wish anyone a Happy Valentine’s Day while being respectful of professional and personal relationships. 

Why not use this day as an opportunity to voice your appreciation? We suggest taking a moment of reflection and making clear why you appreciate that person. You could attach a meaningful and specific compliment that reflects those thoughts. 

Share your compliment by sending it along with some charitable dollars—and you will also be sharing the joy of giving. You can send charitable dollars to anyone with an email address to help fund their vision of a brighter future. Easily add a personal note to celebrate the occasion. 

Here are a few prompts to guide your inspiration:

  • Did this person do something recently that makes you appreciate them? Do they check in on your wellbeing or professional development? Maybe they create the space to allow your voice and ideas to be heard in a larger group setting.
  • Why are you grateful for this person at work? Do you share the same type of humour? Maybe they went the extra mile during a project?

Show friends and family your appreciation

Practicing gratitude can lead to many benefits, even to a longer life. To kick off your February, you could set aside some time to practice gratitude and mindfulness for those in your life. Take a moment to think about what makes them unique—whether it’s a family member or a friend you have just connected with. 

If you’re unsure where to start, consider the following: 

  • What’s something you admire about this person? How do they demonstrate courage, respect, or kindness towards you? 

If you’re looking for extra inspiration to giving a meaningful compliment, here are a few sentences you could fill in to make your own: 

  • You really exemplify____________.  
  • You have a talent for____________.
  • I really appreciate the way you _______________.
  • You inspire me to be_____________.
  • Because of your _________ the world is ___________. 

Taking a moment to practice gratitude and appreciation is an important aspect of any relationship. Send a compliment along in a personalized note with charitable dollars and you will certainly brighten someone’s day.


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