How to celebrate Valentine’s Day, even when you hate Valentine’s Day

How To | February 11, 2020
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Valentine’s Day is a popular celebration to hate on, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are some commonly held motivations behind those negative feelings. The James Dean-types don’t want to be part of the crowd of couples enjoying three-course dinners. For some, the sheer emphasis on committed coupledom and storybook romance can be a deterrent. 

Did you know that mass-produced Valentine’s Day cards were first sold in the 1800s? All those cutesy cards, bouquets of red roses, boxes of chocolates, and cinnamon hearts might just not rock your world. And that’s okay. 

If you bristle at the typical traditions of Valentine’s Day, why not reinvent the day to focus on charity, generosity, and love of others? There are things you can do in the name of love, without marching to the beat of just one more sappy love ballad. (We mean no disrespect to the lovers of love ballads out there.)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day your way

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Have a party to raise money for a charity close to your heart (Galentine’s Day, anyone?)

Replace date night with a get-together of your friends. Invite your buddies over for candies and movies by candlelight, and ask them to bring dollars or donations to support a cause you care about. Use it as an opportunity to bond over how you can build change together. You can easily create a Giving Group on Charitable Impact for the occasion, set up a laptop, and guests can add money online. 

Happy consumer driven and trivial interpretation of love day

Send charitable dollars with sweet messages to your valentines

Share words to warm the cockles of even the coldest heart. Through your Impact Account, you can email charitable dollars to anyone with a personalized ode to them. Your valentines can give to any charity in Canada, and feel the joys and benefits of giving.


Create a Giving Group rallying your friends and loved ones for a cause

Is there a cause that’s close to your heart? It could be a charity within your own community, an issue you have been affected by personally, or a big dream of something you want to change for the future. Create a personalized Giving Group and ask friends to donate in lieu of those cinnamon candies or boxes of chocolates. You can track your donations, share the page on social media, and reply to users’ comments.  

Take the day to focus on your relationships beyond significant others

Talk to your friends and family about things that matter to them — perhaps you will uncover their visions for change that will inspire your own. How close do you feel to your community? Think of how you could get to know your community better by volunteering or engaging with organizations that support it. 

If all else fails, focus on being kind to yourself

Buy yourself your favourite flowers and rejoice in the joy of giving in honour of self-care. When you take care of yourself, you build more resilience to face challenges in life, and can feel more empowered to take care of others.

We all have a brighter future that we imagine, so let’s make it happen. Charitable Impact is an online giving platform that makes it simple to give to the causes you care about. When you sign up for a free Impact Account, you can give to all of your favourite causes all from one place. It’s your giving, your way, with our support.

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