How students can be charitable on the cheap

How To | April 24, 2012

For those days when the credit card is just too tired, what’s a student to do? From one dollar-strapped student to another, I suggest to give where you already are. Going out of your way when you’re busy (and feeling poor) can be tough, so try some of these easy, daily opportunities to be generous.

Give at the store
No, I don’t mean those little change boxes (though those are good, too). But most grocery stores have food bank bins, so when you’re capitalizing on the sales, grab an extra can for the food bank.

Give at school
I’m a student at Simon Fraser. We’re pretty lucky; at the end of each semester our library gets creative and runs the Food for Fines program – bring in non-perishable food items for our an on-campus Food Bank and get your fines forgiven! That’s a sweet win-win, but there are piles of opportunities to give on campus, even if it’s just a bake sale.

Give at play
Everyone needs a break. Next time you deserve some fun, make it feel good. There are always lots of events going on that benefit charity, so find one that appeals to you and go. If the ticket’s on the pricey side, remember where the money’s going and know that you’re getting two things for the price of one.

Give little bits
Charity doesn’t have to happen in big lump sums, especially with Chimp! Even adding the price of that last pint to your Chimp Fund once a week can turn into a nice pile of cash. After a few weeks of “mini-chimping” you’ll have a good amount to give away (and a happy liver!).

– SM (Chimp intern)


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