How Much Do You Know ‘Aboot’ Canadian Giving?

Research | December 10, 2013

Canadian Giving Quiz

Canadians are a charitable bunch

Us Canadians are known for our hockey obsession, living off a diet of bacon and maple syrup, and being polite, eh? But did you know we’re a charitable bunch too? Canadians gave over $10.6 billion to charities and non-profits in 2010 and with 84% of Canadians giving1, that’s something we’re not apologizing for!

We want to share with you the bigger picture; how we as Canadians are collectively giving. All in all, the generosity of Canadians is inspiring – as is giving together as a community and changing the world and the world of others.

Canada’s charitable sector second largest in the world

Canada’s charitable sector represents an impressive $106 billion or 7.1% of Canada’s GDP2. That’s larger than the nation’s automotive or manufacturing industries. But how do us Canadians compare with the rest of the world? Our charitable sector is the second largest in the world on percentage of GDP (second only to the Netherlands)2. In addition, the Charities Aid Foundation found Canadians to be the third most giving country in the world (after Australia and Ireland)3. So pat yourself on the back Canada!

Canadians give because…

We all have our reasons for giving. You’ve watched why Jen, Blake, and Sarah give. But what about the rest of us? Here are the top three reasons why Canadians give1:

  1. Feel compassionate for those in need (89%)
  2. Help a cause in which they personally believe (85%)
  3. Make a contribution to their community (79%)

What about you? We want to hear why you give. Share your story on our Facebook photo and you could win $50 to give to any charity of your choice.

Canadians are giving. Join the giving community and make your giving count 100% this December at

Quiz Answers: 1. B 2. A 3. C

So how did you do?


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