How charitable are Canadians?

Research | November 1, 2011

Overall, we’re a pretty charitable lot. According to the World Giving Index, we’re ranked third. Ireland shares the spot with us, and it’s Australia and New Zealand who are ahead. Switzerland and the USA round out the top five.

The World Giving Index is created by Charities Aid Foundation, which takes the info from Gallup’s WorldView World Poll. They measure their results according to three factors:

  • Money donated to organizations
  • Time volunteered with organizations
  • Help given to strangers

According to those factors, 64% of Canadians gave money, 35% volunteered, and 68% helped a stranger in the previous month.

Each country has their own way to give, of course, but the most common thread worldwide it to help a stranger. Not surprising, since it’s always free to do and doesn’t require any organization. Liberia leads the world there, with 76% of Liberians saying they help a stranger every month.

The Maltese give the most money, at 83%.

The country most generous with their time? Turkmenistan, with 61% of their population volunteering.

How do you contribute to Canada’s good standing – by giving money, time or helping strangers?

See the complete World Giving Index.

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