Giving Groups: Raise Money For Any Charitable Cause, Your Way

How To | October 28, 2014

Everyone has a cause they feel connected to. Whether it’s animal rights, water for Africa, climate change or cancer research — we all care about something.

The challenge can be acting on those charitable impulses, especially when your charitable budget — and time — is limited. Chimp makes it easy to integrate charity into your daily life and amplify your charitable impact with the help of your family and friends.

Chimp is built on the idea of empowering people to act on the human spirit of charity using a wide range of flexible tools that make giving and fundraising easier.

One of our most popular and widely used tools is our Giving Groups.


What Is a Giving Group?

It’s like your own personal fundraising page and empowers you to raise money any way you like — for a specific charity or a cause close to your heart.

When raising money through a Giving Group, you can decide on a charity — or multiple charities — right away, or rally your network around a charitable cause and whenever you’re ready give the money away to as many Canadian charities as you like.

How Does A Giving Group Work?

Want to raise money for charity by riding your bike? No problem! You can invite your friends and family to donate to your group as you progress in your ride. Want them to donate to your Giving Group instead of giving you presents for you birthday? Done!

A Giving Group is free to set up and helps you to…

  • raise money online for any cause
  • set a fundraising goal
  • invite people to join your group and contribute to your cause
  • post photos, videos and progress updates on your own personal fundraising page
  • engage with your supporters in real time

Learn more about the power of Giving Groups here.

Over the years, Chimp users have inspired us with some innovative, creative and highly collaborative Giving Groups. Here are a few of the most notable examples:


The Gift of Water

For his 38th birthday this year, Nate was looking for a meaningful way to celebrate. Instead of receiving presents, Nate asked his friends and family to consider donating $38 into his Giving Group on Chimp – a dollar for every year of his life.

Learn more.

Hope for Ava

Ava was born with Rett Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects a child’s ability to use their hands, communicate and walk. Her parents Herman and Jennifer raised over $20,000 to support charities trying to find a cure.

Hear Ava’s story.

Overcoming Mountains

Kate Montgomery overcame mountains for mental health when she hiked the entire 48 kilometres of the infamous Baden-Powell Trail in a single day to support a local charity providing counselling to people who could otherwise not afford this service.

Read more.

Why social fundraising?

Fundraising is hard, but Giving Groups make it easier by making it social. Social fundraising is a fun and highly effective way to undertake grassroots fundraising for charity with your friends.

Want to learn more about social fundraising? This insightful blog post by Chimp’s fundraising expert Brady Josephson looks at three reasons you should try social fundraising today.

Ready to start your own Giving Group? Raising funds for causes you care about has never been easier. With Chimp, you can raise money for any charity in Canada and as many charities as you like. Talk to us — we can help!


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