Get hungry to help

How To | May 8, 2012

What used to be Hunger Awareness Day has now turned into Hunger Awareness week. Considering 1 in 7 people worldwide is hungry (that statistic is thought to be the same for Canada), we could likely all use a bit more awareness. And the hungry could use our help.

On May 9, more than 140 Members of Parliament and their staff will fast, then come together the next day to discuss the issue of hunger.

The awareness campaign from Food Banks Canada is asking Canadians to “Give It Up” for hunger. Are you going to participate? Here are a few ideas for you if you are:

  1. Skip eating out and have every meal at home for the week. Figure out how much you’d save by doing that and give that money to a food bank or another charity fighting hunger.
  2. Skip eating for a day altogether, be hungry and chimp what you would’ve spent on food.
  3. When you see someone asking for money outside a store, ask them what you can buy them to eat inside.
  4. Get some takeout and share a meal with someone who looks like they could really use it.
  5. Commit to supporting the cause; find a charity that works with the hungry and start giving to them regularly.

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