You Gave Big on Giving Tuesday

Research | December 11, 2014

Giving Tuesday set a North American record this year, thanks to generous people like you!

According to Blackbaud, a non-profit solutions firms that tracks donations data, charitable donations on Giving Tuesday increased 36% over last year and jumped 159% over 2012 in the US.

Over here at Chimp, we saw a whole lot of giving happen as well — with donations ramping up the day before Giving Tuesday and extending to December 3.

Our Giving Tuesday campaign, Get $10. Give it Away, saw 1,000 participants register to receive $10 to give to their favourite charity in the week leading up to Giving Tuesday. On December 1, we sent $10,000 charitable dollars to participants, who claimed the funds through their Chimp account (or by setting up a free account). Almost immediately, participants started giving to their favourite Canadian charities.

We also received dozens of tweets, virtual high-fives and notes of thanks, including really great feedback from those new to Chimp, like Wanita Harris, who wrote:

“Thank you for this generous initiative not only to introduce me to this method of giving, but also to be able to give anonymously. Thank you for transforming a doubter into a believer!”

Congrats to our Grand Prize Winner!


Our Giving Tuesday campaign included a draw for $1,000 charitable dollars from among everyone who participated.

The winner, Maggie MacLellan, is a communications officer at Let’s Talk Science, a national charity focused on education and outreach to support youth development through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). In the 20 years since it launched, Let’s Talk Science has reached three million youth and educators with five programs for K-12 students. The Let’s Talk Science Outreach program is delivered by 3,500 post-grad volunteers from 41 universities and colleges across Canada.

Maggie had heard about our giveaway from a colleague. “Many of our internal staff participated in Chimp’s campaign,” she said. “Winning the $1,000 was fantastic for us because we are a charitable organization and our programs are free.”

“For me to be able to contribute directly to a cause I care so deeply about was great. And it was really easy.”

Keep it Up All Year Long

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Giving Tuesday giveaway and who gave to charity on Giving Tuesday with Chimp. It was a great way to kick off giving season, and we hope you won’t stop there.

Planning to be charitable all year long can be even more meaningful and impactful — for you and the charities you support. Take a look at what Chimp’s CEO John Bromley suggests benevolent people like you can do to give proactively and strategically all year long.

Did you know you can give charitable gifts to friends and employees through your Chimp account, just like we did? To learn more, call us at 1-877-531-0580 or email

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