Fundraising Tips from Adam Aziz of Freekicks

How To | November 19, 2013

Adam Aziz

Adam Aziz, founder of, recently sat down with us to share a few fundraising tips and stories, including how he personally raised over $35,000 in five months.

Share Your Story
People can’t support your cause if you don’t tell your story. For Adam, this meant just getting out of the house. As he shares, you never know where you might end up or who might want to support you, so don’t be afraid to continually share your goals and passions. It worked for Adam.

Find Your Champion
These are your fans, your supporters, your go-to people. For Adam, this was George. While they may not be your biggest financial backers, they’re the ones who cheer you on and help make things happen. So find your champion and see what you can achieve together.

About Adam and Freekicks
Adam Aziz, a professional soccer coach, started Freekicks as a way to bring the game of soccer to communities around the world. More than a game, Adam sees soccer as a way to break down borders, lift up nations, and bring out the passion in everyone. Thanks to your support, Adam’s had the opportunity to deliver soccer equipment, build infrastructure, and share the love of soccer in Uganda since our interview. If you’d like to support Adam in this cause, join the Freekicks Giving Group.

Thanks Adam and Freekicks for sharing your story and for bringing smiles to those around the world. We’re cheering you on!

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