Fundraising Roundup: A Little Song and Dance

Research | July 3, 2015

If celebrating and supporting the arts is high on your to-do list this summer, then you’re going to love all the fundraising song and dance that’s happening on Chimp this month.

These fundraisers are working hard to ensure there’s no shortage of music and theatre (and musical theatre) to keep you entertained during the longest days of the year.

An Awkward Match for an Awkward Stage

We all go through awkward stages in our lives, but these creative folks have figured out how to make an art of it through musical theatre.

Awkward Stage Productions has offered performance and production opportunities to Vancouver youth since 2010. Its Awkward Match campaign will match all donations (up to $3,000) in support of upcoming productions like TITUS!, which will be performed at the Vancouver International Film Festival this fall.
Support the Awkward campaign

Get on the Bus! Support Driftwood Theatre

Driftwood Theatre, an Ontario-based touring summer theatre company, is working to bring theatre to communities that wouldn’t normally have access to it.

Its Bard Bus tours the province with pay-what-you-can admission, so theatre can be enjoyed by everyone. After the loss of two important funders this year, Driftwood is looking for donor support to keep the show on the road.
Support the Driftwood campaign

Keys to the Streets

Fancy tickling the ivories for passersby on Vancouver streets? If Keys to the Streets succeeds in raising the funds it needs to fill Vancouver streets with brightly painted pianos, you’ll be able to play in – or simply enjoy – the free talent showcase.

If just 200 people give $100 each (or 400 give $50 each, or 800 give $25), they’ll have enough money to revive this inspiring and beautiful project. Plus, right now, an anonymous donor is matching all contributions until July 15.
Support the Keys to the Streets campaign

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