How To | August 15, 2019

Fundraising ideas for TechPong

Vancouver’s biggest tech party of the year is back! TechPong invites the local tech community to an epic ping pong tournament, to raise money for the causes we care about.

This year, we have an extra-special prize for the team that fundraises the most money for TechPong! Courtesy of the Whitecaps, the winning team will walk away with box seats to a 2020 season game, as well as a meet and greet session with the players at the Whitecaps training facility.

If you are entering a team for TechPong and need some fun ways to fundraise the $2,000 needed to qualify, here are some ideas to get you started:

Pizza Party

Brighten up everyone’s lunch hour by organizing a pizza lunch. In exchange for a slice, ask for donations of $5 into your Giving Group. No one can resist the smell of pizza, so it’s a sure bet that you’ll raise some money for a good cause.

Waffle Wednesday

Can you think of a better way to start the day then with delicious, warm waffles? Whip up a fresh batch and ask for donations into your TechPong Giving Group in exchange for a waffle.

Office Bake-Off

A bake-off competition is the perfect way to raise money, and get your hands on some tasty treats in the process. Why not have your co-workers donate money to bring in their baking? Or simply charge per slice? You’ll be raising plenty of dough (sorry) in no time!

Donate Your Morning Coffee

How much money do you think your office could raise if everyone got together and donated the cost of their morning coffee for a month? We bet it equates to a “latte” donations (we’re not sorry for that one).

Organize a Walk-a-Thon or a Burpee Contest

Rally some coworkers to walk the seawall as an after-work activity. Give your walk a great name, get some folks to donate to your cause, and get going on those step counts. Looking for something more…intense? Ask folks to donate a dollar per burpee and find out which of your friends are the most vicious!

Extra Holiday Raffle

Offer up the chance to win an extra day-off as the ultimate raffle prize. Set-up a Giving Group and offer a ticket for every $20 donated. The more money you donate, the more chances you have of winning that magical prize of an extra day-off!

What are you doing to fundraise for #TechPong2019? We’d love to hear your ideas. Get in touch at @wearechimp. For more information on entering or attending TechPong, visit

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