How to focus on the joy of giving this holiday season

December 08, 2020
7 min read

Christian Mosley

Director, Business Development

Step into the new year with a giving plan that gives you peace of mind and allows you to say no gracefully 

As Director of Business Development at Charitable Impact, I’ve supported thousands of donors who give through our platform. In my role, I regularly hear that giving can be a stressful experience, rather than contributing to feelings of joy and happiness

Especially at the end of the year, when it feels like the days are going by too quickly, there can be a lot to focus on. Just when we are rushing to find holiday gifts, calls for donations simultaneously increase. Fundraisers call you on the phone, coworkers ask for donations to causes dear to them, urgent fundraising letters jostle for space in your mailbox, and emails appear with heart-wrenching stories that call for your action. 

Does this sound familiar to you? The requests on your time and donations can feel constant, making it hard to not have feelings of overwhelm and guilt.

There are ways to handle the overwhelm and feel more confident about how you are contributing towards change. ‘Tis is the season to be generous. That doesn’t mean there should be any feelings of guilt or obligation. You can create a plan for your end-of-year giving that aligns with causes that bring you the greatest joy and donation amounts that meet your budget. 

Create a giving plan

To start, know that you can say no with grace and with confidence if you have a giving plan in place. It’s impossible for most everyone to contribute to all calls for donations, as much as we might like to help solve the issues we hear about. Recognizing that we are each working within our own capacities for giving can bring more peace into your giving strategy

When you are starting to create your giving plan, it can feel like unchartered territory. Newspaper headlines are generated by the minute and every day we hear about causes or issues affecting people worldwide, and even in our own cities, towns, and communities. 

Know your values

A good place to start is to ask yourself what your values are—what brings you the most fulfilment? Were there moments in your life that you remember had a profound impact? Is there a way to share those with others who may not otherwise have access? 

Feel better about your giving

Aligning your giving with your expertise or interests can help to build a sense of assurance and certainty. When you understand a topic in-depth, you can more confidently grasp the impact of an organization or charity that you support. Research shows that awareness of your impact boosts feelings of joy when giving

There are certainly very pressing needs for donations worldwide. Finding charities that align with your own mission helps to charter this space much more easily. With a course in place for your generosity, you can say no with the assurance you are still making a change to the causes most important to you. You are effectively building a model or a vision for the future you imagine, and then slowly contributing to building it. 

Say no, without guilt

The valued outcome is that you have the ability to say no without feeling guilty. You can respond with donation requests by politely acknowledging that your funds are already committed to other causes. If honesty is one of those values that resonates with you, maybe even provide information about the specific causes you care about. Ultimately, those asking will likely respect that you have defined your own ideals and are following through on them. 

A platform for all your giving, your way, with our support

Here at Charitable Impact, we are here to help you along your giving journey. We can offer advice on how to create a strategy that fits with your monthly or yearly spending goals, on giving cash and non-cash assets, and on making an impact in the most effective way. 

With an Impact Account you can add funds to your account at any time, then decide where you would like to give. Take your time and space. Set up monthly gifts or give when you feel it’s most needed. The opportunity to change your plans and adjust for new spending priorities is always there, and you can always reach out to us for advice.  

Give the gift of generosity

From your desktop computer or iOS app, you can send charitable dollars to your friends, loved ones, family, neighbours—really anyone who you would like to share the joy of giving with. I have already personally heard from several donors who are planning to gift their clients with charitable dollars before the end of the year. It’s a nice way to build a stronger relationship while honouring and acknowledging the generosity in all of us.

The beauty of this unique way of giving is that it empowers the receiver. Rather than choosing a charity to support on behalf of someone you love or care about, through Charitable Impact, you are giving people the opportunity to explore their own charitable interests. When you send charitable dollars, your gift recipients will receive an email inviting them to claim the dollars. When they open an Impact Account, the charitable dollars are automatically added. They can give to any of Canada’s over 86K charities whenever they feel most inspired.

Give your way

Through an Impact Account, you have access to a more flexible and personalized way of giving. If you plan ahead, you can choose to give the way that you want. With Charitable Impact, you can give anonymously and easily set limits on your correspondence with charities. 

You could look at it as a way of doing no strings attached giving, while still making a significant impact. Possibly, this means more time to contribute positively to other areas of your life. 

Step into the new year with confidence

There’s still time to complete your end-of-year giving. Donating before December 31st assures you will receive a tax receipt for this year. So, if you haven’t already, open an Impact Account. Once you add funds to your account you will receive an immediate tax receipt. Reach out to our team anytime for help and support. 

Then, take a deep breath, feel present, and truly experience the joy of giving and the bright moments of the holidays. You will be stepping into 2020 with a plan in place for your giving. 


Here are some key dates to keep in mind for your end-of-year giving. At Charitable Impact, we’re here to help you achieve your giving, your way, with our support. Email ([email protected]), call 1-877-531-0580, or chat.