Everything you always wanted to know about Canada’s charitable sector

How To | October 19, 2015

From climate change to welfare to community development: without charitable programs addressing some of today’s most important issues, the world would be certainly worse off.

And not only do charitable organizations affect almost every part of our lives, they also play an increasingly important role in our country’s economy. Over the last two decades, demand for social services has increased rapidly, making Canada’s charitable sector the second largest by workforce size in the world.

The charitable sector has become a major sector in Canada, supporting a large number of jobs and creating significant economic growth.Brian Emmett, chief economist, Imagine Canada

Given the huge role this mission and passion driven sector plays, it’s surprising how little most of us know about Canada’s “third” sector. What kind of organizations form the charitable sector? What’s the difference between an NPO and a charity? What on earth does it mean to be a qualified donnee. And why is the Queen one?

To help you find easy answers to all of these questions – and boost your charity knowledge to expert level, we put together a nifty infographic. Have a look!

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