Earth Day: Every Bit Counts

Research | April 18, 2016

Chimp Celebrates Earth Day 2016 from Chimp on Vimeo.

The number of problems facing our natural environment seems always to be growing. Global warming, habitat destruction, pollution, the list gets longer every time we read the news. Sometimes it feels like making a difference is impossible, that your contribution is just a drop in an enormous bucket. But if enough drops combine, working together, we can fill the bucket; we can make real change for the world.

Earth Day is the day we celebrate the importance of each act, no matter how small, working together to ensure that we have a healthy and sustainable home for future generations. We encourage everyone in our community to make a contribution to the tide of change.

This year Earth Day is April 22. The organizers of Earth Day Canada are #rooting4trees in an effort to restore the planet’s forests. It’s a great cause and you can give directly to Earth Day Canada via Chimp. If you are looking for a different environmental giving opportunity, you may want to start by checking out the Top Rated Environmental Charities in Canada. And since Earth Day is a Friday, perhaps you’d like to mix up the usual dinner and a movie with a Sustainable Dinner and an Environmental Documentary. Who says you can’t save the world and have fun while you’re doing it?

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