New playlist: Songs to help you kick back and relax

December 15, 2020
3 min read

Caroline Dobuzinskis

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing Content

Man walking across crosswalk with briefcase

We are sharing a new Spotify playlist to de-stress your December. Here’s something you can listen to by the fire that doesn’t involve mistletoe. 

As a gift to you, we are sharing yet another stellar Spotify playlist curated by musician, songwriter, and DJ Elsa Sainas (who also happens to be Office Coordinator at Charitable Impact—how lucky are we?!). This playlist has musical selections oriented towards self-care. Let these soothing sounds take you on a journey away from your everyday demands.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time away from digging for upbeat electronic music for my gigs as a DJ, which has given me a lot of space and time to partake in self-care,” said Elsa. “Most of these songs are a collection of tracks I’ve kept coming back to over the year when I have needed a quieter moment.”

This year, so much has slowed down or paused, and we are all experiencing losses. Taking care of yourself, acknowledging emotions of loneliness, sadness, or even simply boredom can help you to address them. If you feel guilty about stepping back, know that you need to reenergize in order to have the personal resources to help others.

As we get nearer to the holidays, the songs are also an alternative to constant carols possibly stuck in your head. Because holiday jingles don’t have the same ring to everyone and we all enjoy our own comforts.

Whether you like to read a good book, take a bath, do a crossword puzzle, or walk outside to get a break and reset, these mellow tunes can accompany you. 

You might even discover new songs, including “Who Knew” by Elsa herself that feels like a calm day in nature. Elsa has released her self written EP,  titled “Low Tide”, in June of 2018 which you can find here. Or, find her on Instagram at @elsa_djdood.

Thanks for the listen, enjoy!

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