Crowd Funding: Chimp Introduces Giving Groups v2

How To | February 25, 2013

Tell Your Story Everyone has a story to tell, and with Chimp’s latest version of Giving Groups, group administrators can tell their’s, fully loaded. The Chimp Tech team has been hard at work revamping Giving Groups v2. And now, we’re ready to share this easier on the eyes, simple to use platform with you!

So what’s a Giving Group anyway? It’s a way for groups of people to pool their money and give together, as well as raise money as a collective. 

With a few simple steps you can talk about your group’s purpose, what members can do to help, encourage folks to contribute comments and donations, and lastly to talk about the group organizers and their background. Scroll on to see the freshly remodelled feature highlights:

Share Your Group Story: 

Your purpose, how people can help you in your goals and who the organizers are can be described on your page; basically allowing people to get to know you and your cause.

 Set Your Fundraising Goal

Set a goal and a deadline and help galvanize your group’s members around a particular campaign or cause. It will appear front and centre on your group’s dashboard page. You can also choose to leave it blank if your group is not saving for a particular campaign.

Upload Video And Images

Attract and keep your visitor’s attention with an embedded video from YouTube or Vimeo prominently displayed on your dashboard and share up to 10 images in a photo gallery.

Thanks Chimp Tech for rolling this out! And for more information on Giving Groups, click over to the FAQ’s, or go ahead and start one now.

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