Creative Fundraising Ideas

September 09, 2022
6 min read

Sierra Jones-Vassos

Marketing Coordinator

Creative fundraising ideas.

Create impact by rallying people together with a unique fundraiser. 

Bring people together to support the causes you or your group are passionate about. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, look no further! We’ve got you covered with these fun and engaging fundraising ideas. 

How to select a cause for a fundraiser

Choosing from over 86K Canadian registered charities can be challenging. Start by thinking about your values and whether you wish to make a local or global impact. If you’re having a group fundraiser, consider talking to participants about the causes they care to see where you align. Still having trouble deciding on where to give? Check out our 7 tools and strategies to find charities.

How to set up a fundraiser 

A Giving Group is a great place to track and celebrate the success of your fundraiser all from one place. Simply log in to your Impact Account, create a Giving Group, then share the link with people who will support your charitable fundraising efforts. How about your friends, family, school alumni, soccer team, coworkers, friendly neighbours, or even maybe your local community businesses?  

Benefits of using a Giving Group for your fundraiser

Giving Groups allow multiple people to combine forces and pool funds to raise money to support one or more Canadian registered charities on Charitable Impact. Through our platform, you can access any and all of the more than 86K Canadian registered charities, ranging from small to large and focusing on a full spectrum of needs and programs. 

With a Giving Group, you can: 

  • Invite people to join you in giving to charities and causes together
  • Add videos and photos to make your fundraising efforts stand out 
  • Post comments and share updates to the group to thank contributors or keep the momentum going 

How to ask for donations 

Whether you’re looking to have a small group of people gift charitable dollars or shout it from the rooftops, technology has made it easier to share information about your fundraiser. Once you’ve created your Giving Group, you can share your group by

  • Sending out an email to anyone on your list who might be interested in supporting your cause 
  • Copying the URL link to your group and posting on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 
  • Updating your Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn bio to include a link to your group. 
  • Creating an Instagram or Facebook Story and include a link sticker with your group’s URL. 
  • Texting people about your fundraising efforts and including a link to your group in the message. 

You can politely ask people to give to your fundraiser by including a message stating that you’re raising money to support a cause you’re passionate about. Write a few sentences explaining why you’ve chosen to fundraise for this cause. 

Not sure how often to message friends, family, or colleagues to give to your event? We recommend creating one post 2-4 weeks before the event and a final post on the day of your fundraiser. 

Creative fundraising ideas

You can create a successful fundraising campaign either on or offline. Looking for a unique way to raise money for a cause? Check out our fundraising ideas below. 

1. Use generosity to fulfill your fitness goals 

Whether you’re training for a marathon or at the gym, choose an activity you love to help your fundraising efforts. Attaching rewards to your wins can help you raise endorphin levels and reduce stress while promoting longevity

2. Gamify your giving  

Rally friends or family together every time you get together for games night, sports fan night, or even your own team practice or game! You can attach charitable rewards when you or your team scores, passes, or wins a game in exchange for charitable dollars to your Giving Group. 

3. Create a feel-good book club

Find opportunities to give based on your interests and bring people together with a charitable feel-good book club. Rally fellow bookworms by emailing an invite to your Giving Group. You could ask members to create a monthly gift as their membership fee or select a cause or causes to give to based on the values or lessons within the book

4. Swap a recipe for charitable dollars 

Have a top-secret or family heirloom recipe your friends swoon over every time you make it? Swap your recipe in exchange for charitable dollars (as long as Grandma won’t mind).  

5. Host a charitable dinner party 

Get attendees to RSVP by sending charitable dollars to your Giving Group. It’s a great way to support your fundraising efforts while creating an opportunity to start conversations about the causes you’re supporting. It’s an instant icebreaker for guests who aren’t familiar with each other that could encourage meaningful conversations.  

6. Host a yard sale fundraiser 

Clear out your home and make room for generosity! You could swap out your old items by donating these where they are welcome. Or, donate a small percentage of your garage sale earnings to a cause you care about. 

If you feel inspired to create an impact, Charitable Impact is here for you. With our free Impact Account, you can support all of your favourite causes all from one place. Sign up for a free account today to get started!