Creative Fundraising Ideas for Your Workplace

How To | October 2, 2015

Engaging in charitable initiatives at work can be a win for everyone involved. Consumers want to do business with companies that care and potential employees want to work with them.

And by fundraising together for causes they care about, employees get to know each other better and become more invested in their workplace.

One of the challenges that comes with fundraising at work is motivating people to get involved. That’s where these unique ideas come in. Try these creative fundraising ideas to inspire your colleagues to get involved in charitable giving and fundraising at work.

Reward Employees with Charitable Dollars for Dressing Up – Or Down

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Invite your colleagues to come to work dressed down in exchange for making an online donation via a Giving Group. Some other ideas along these lines are:

  • Be boss for the day: Employees contribute donations for the opportunity to switch places with their manager for a day. The donor works from the corner office or boardroom while the boss fields calls at reception or spends the day in a colleague’s cubicle.
  • Show your team spirit: Donors who contribute to the selected cause can come to work dressed in support of their favourite sports team.
  • Costume Friday: In exchange for a small donation, staff are free to come to work dressed however they like. Run a fun contest for the wackiest or ugliest outfit.

Organize an Amazing Race


This fundraising idea requires registrants to make a donation to enter and/or to fundraise for their selected cause. Participants can compete solo or form teams. Ask local businesses to donate a prize or two for the winners. Some fun options for your amazing race:

  • Obstacle course: Set up a course in and/or outside your office building.
  • Orienteering challenge: Design a timed activity that requires a map and compass.
  • Weekend treasure hunt: Get your staff’s families involved in a hunt that spans the neighbourhood or the entire city!

Create a Company Recipe Book


Got any foodies in your company? Invite participants to submit their favourite recipes for a donation to a selected cause. Then put together a company recipe book and invite friends and family to buy copies as a gift for a special occasion.

Some popular cookbook ideas include:

  • Fabulous family recipes: Ask colleagues to contribute special recipes passed down through their families for a heritage-inspired cookbook.
  • Desserts only: Dedicate your cookbook to just cakes – or maybe an assortment of chocolate pastries, cookies, cupcakes, candies and cocktails.
  • Celebrate the holidays: Every culture has special foods served at festive times of year.
  • Host a bake sale: What better way to kick off your fundraiser than to let people taste some the delicious recipes featured in your cookbook?

Here are some additional ideas on how to get started fundraising at work:

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