Cookies for Christmas Dinners

How To | November 19, 2012

A colleague who shares an office with us Chimpers has come up with a very tasty way to raise money for a charity event she volunteers for, the Table for 2000.

Here’s the email that Linda Wong sent around to everyone in the office. I’m sharing it so to show just how creative people can be when raising money in a Giving Group. Membership to the group isn’t limited to our office though, and you don’t need to buy baking to give to it. If you want to help make sure 2,000 people on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside can have Christmas dinner this December, you’re free to join in and give.

Linda’s email:
Christmas will be upon us in a blink of an eye and since my running season is over, that means my baking season starts. I love Christmas for the nostalgic side of things – home cooking, singing Christmas carols in elementary school, pine in the air, hot chocolate steaming up your glasses, and the crisp air nipping at your nose. Unfortunately, this also means it’s tough times for those less fortunate, especially when it’s time for friends and families to come together and some don’t have that luxury.

I’ve volunteered for 2 years at the Union Gospel Mission’s Dinner for 2000 event, put on by the Glowbal Group. This is the 3rd year, and I’ve organized over 30 people to volunteer and it rocks. But, I’d like to do more than just donate my time. I’ve set up a Giving Group to give money to the Union Gospel Mission to help more people enjoy a Christmas dinner. A Christmas meal costs $3.29 and I’d like to go above and beyond and raise enough money for dinner for more than 2,000 ($3.29 x 2000 = $6580) by Christmas. Chimp/Benevoland has generously offered to match all donations up to $2,000 and that also rocks.

So, rather than just ask for a handout, here’s where it gets fun! Every week I will bring in some baked goods. Here’s what I’m asking of you:

  1. Give it a try!
  2. Rate my goods on a scale of 1-10. 🙂
  3. Give money to the group based on how good my goods were – and comment on the goods if you have suggestions ‘cuz I love feedback:

Bakin’ Scale (not to be confused with Bacon):YOU define what a 10 is worth. Say, it’s $20 for a 10/10. So if I only measured up to a 5/10, then you chimp me $10 to my GG. I won’t be offended if the baking was a big fail.

My Giving Group:


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