#chIMPACT Photobooth at The Make It Show

Research | April 24, 2013

This past weekend, the Chimp Photobooth made its debut appearance at the Make It Show in Vancouver. Attendees finished the sentence “I Want To Give _____,” photographers from Design For Donations snapped the pictures, and we asked everyone to tag their photo on Facebook.


Make It generously gave $1 for each photo to the Union Gospel Mission, and with the help of all of the shoppers smiles and responses, we took 281 photos and raised $281 over the two days. AND because of all of the tags and Facebook likes, UGM received an additional $189. Flipping through all of the responses, we felt the #chIMPACT:


To flick through the pics (and to tag your own) visit the Facebook photo albums for Day 1 (Saturday April 20) and Day 2 (Sunday April 21). 

Thanks to Jenna and Chandler from Make It for making such a charitable impact! Have a look at the money going in and the money going out to UGM on the Make It Giving Group.


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