Chimp Team Chases Bagels for Charity

Research | March 6, 2014

Every now and then, we enjoy some friendly office competition at Chimp. We’ve challenged each other to curling matches, eating contests, and even a boccia tournament against a Paralympian.

So now imagine running a 5km lap as many times as you can over the course of a week. That’s exactly what unfolded last month when our resident runner, Linda, challenged the rest of the office to run more laps than her in the Bagel Chase. All for the benefit of charity!

Linda vs. Team Chimp

The challenge was simple: Linda’s total laps versus the total laps of the top five runners at Chimp. And because no challenge is complete at our office without a charitable element, we created the Show me the Bagel! Giving Group to organize our giving.

To help raise funds for charity, the Chimp team agreed to put money into the group every 10 laps Linda ran, and vice versa. At the end of the challenge, the winning team got to choose which charities benefited.

Engaging our office

To make the week even more fun, we encouraged our office to create mini-challenges for the runners. If the challenge got completed, the challenger put money into the group. By week’s end, numerous fun, silly, and delicious challenges were put up, including running a lap with a bagel costume, while eating a bagel, and to the tune of a silly “makin’ pancakes” song. View the challenges, photos, and friendly banter in our Giving Group.

Just have fun

Our goal for the week was to have fun while raising some money for charity at the same time. And people tend to notice when you’re having a blast. Mid-way through challenge, the Canadian Men’s Field Hockey team heard about our challenge and wanted to join the charitable fun by challenging the Chimp team.

The winner is…

After seven days, dozens of bagels, and many, many laps later, the results were in. Linda ran 20 laps, the Chimp team, 40, and the Field Hockey boys, 46! But as Linda so accurately puts it, “you get a little bit of bragging rights if you’re the winner, but the real winner is charity.” And with $650 raised in the Giving Group, we couldn’t agree more.

Charity as a part of everyday living

At Chimp, we’re always looking for ways to make everyday giving a little more fun. What started out as a challenge to motivate the office to run a little more turned out to be a fun and engaging way to support charity at the same time.

Whatever you love doing, a Chimp Giving Group can help rally your community to make giving a part of everyday living. So whether that’s riding a bike, reading a book, or cooking with friends, giving together has never been more fun and inspiring!

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