Chimp and Sophos Clean Up Crab Park

Research | October 31, 2014

Earlier this month, a team of volunteers from Chimp and Sophos came together to clean up Vancouver’s Crab Park as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. A national initiative between the Vancouver Aquarium and the WWF, the Shoreline Cleanup empowers Canadians to rehabilitate shorelines in their communities.

Despite the wet weather, 19 of us were ready to take on shoreline garbage. After a quick huddle, we split off into teams and took on three friendly challenges — most interesting find, most number of cigarette butts gathered, and most pounds of garbage collected.


We combed the beach, searched bushes, and filled plenty of garbage bags in our mission to take a stand against shoreline litter.

“It was a lot like a treasure hunt. And even though it was wet, it was also ton of fun,” said Caitlin Lavallee, volunteer from Chimp.

Aside from the satisfaction of cleaning the beach, it was also a fun opportunity to step outside the office, volunteer together as a team, and meet new friends.

“One of the best parts was volunteering with people I work with, and being part of something meaningful outside the office in our community,” said Stanley Lai, another volunteer from Chimp.

Two hours later, here’s what we collected, tallied, and removed from the shorelines of Crab Park:

  • 70.5 lbs of garbage
  • 950 cigarette butts
  • 24 needles
  • 2 handwritten poems (winner of the most interesting find)

A big thank you to everyone from Chimp and Sophos who volunteered their afternoon to keep our shorelines clean! And a high five to PHS Community Services, who showed us how to safely handle and dispose of the needles.

The Sophos team
All Shoreline Cleanup volunteers from Chimp and Sophos

Interested in getting your workplace or school involved with the Shoreline Cleanup? All donations to the Shoreline Cleanup on Chimp are being matched by a generous sponsor. Learn more today.

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