Chimp Introduces Electronic Fund Transfers For Charities

Research | May 8, 2013


If there was a utility belt for charities, this would be it.

As the number of donations to charities continues to increase (yay!), the Chimp Tech team knew it was time to unleash the power of the Electronic Fund Transfer. Now charities can enroll to receive their donations via EFT.

Two of the most alluring benefits: 

  • Charities can now receive their funds faster with deposits occurring on the 1st and 15th of the month, opposed to mailing cheques on the 1st of each month.
  • If a donor has opted to share their contact information, charities have the ability to thank them for their contributions.

Charities can also add additional details (logo, description, contact information + website) to their Charity Chimp Profile.

To get the word out to charities, we wrote 107 handwritten notes on May’s cheques to let charities know they could enroll. And now, we could use your help spreading the word — go on, let your favourite charities know!


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