Charities fighting homelessness in Canada

January 18, 2019
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Katie McCourt

Digital Content Specialist

Homelessness in Canada

The number of Canadians who are homeless on any given night is estimated to be over 35,000. Of these people, more than 6,000 are youths, and young people account for one in five Canadians living in homeless shelters. Homelessness in Canada is a widespread issue – if you’d like to help support this cause, you could consider making a charitable donation.

There are a number of charities in Canada that offer services to those facing homelessness, such as providing accommodation, food and training programs. Here are a few charities that have been rated 4-Stars by Charity Intelligence, and are helping to fight the homelessness crisis across Canada:

Calgary Drop-In

Calgary Drop-In provides a 24/7 shelter, offering accommodation for people in emergency or transitional situations. They provide food, clothing and showers, as well as providing a number of training programs, and other forms of support to those in need.

Calgary Homeless Foundation

The Calgary Homeless Foundation is taking the lead on an ambitious 10 year plan to end homelessness in Calgary. They have been coordinating the overall system, funding and supporting non-profit agencies, conducting research and increasing public awareness of homelessness.

Fred Victor

Fred Victor is a social service charity that supports those experience poverty and/or homelessness in Toronto. Their programs and services are used by more than 2,000 people every day. These services include transitional housing, shelters and emergency housing, as well as many other support programs.

Homes First

With a home, people can build a future, have a better chance of integrating in society and are healthier. Homes First Society work with a housing first approach – they provide support to people in need to maintain their housing and rebuild their lives. They work hard to improve the lives of those who are homeless and those living with mental health problems.

Inn From the Cold

Inn From the Cold has a vision of a community where no child or family is homeless. They offer shelter, nutritious food and clothing to assist homeless families, as well as providing emotional and mental support.

Wesley Urban Ministries

Wesley Urban Ministries is a multi-service charity that offers housing & homeless services, as well as many other support programs. Their housing & homeless services support youth and adults that are either experiencing, or are at risk of homelessness. They provide emergency shelter, short-term accommodations and Housing First services.

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