Celebrating 38 Years of Nate with the Gift of Water

Stories | April 29, 2014

Meet Nate. He’s really, really tall, loves spending time outdoors, and is the new Executive Director of ACTS (Africa Community Technical Services).

For most of his life, Nate hasn’t had to worry about getting sick from drinking contaminated water. But that changed during a summer spent tree planting trip in Northern BC a few years ago.

“On a desperately hot day, I drank from a stream,” he recalls. “Several days later, I had unbearable stomach cramps…I had giardia. It was not fun, yet just one of many common diseases that thrives around the world where clean water is unavailable.”

Nate recently had the opportunity to travel to Uganda with ACTS to personally see the work they do to fight dangerous drinking water, and the transformative change clean water brings.

Rallying his community for clean water

For his 38th birthday this year, Nate was looking for a meaningful way to celebrate. Instead of receiving presents, Nate asked his friends and family to consider donating $38 into his Giving Group on Chimp – a dollar for every year of his life.

Nate’s community responded and celebrated his birthday generously. A little effort and a couple fun photos later, Nate raised $4300 for clean water projects in Uganda!

And in an effort to share the impact people’s gifts were making, Nate posted photos and provided personal stories from his trip to Uganda in his Giving Group. He even shared this amazing video to celebrate the generosity of his community!

Happy birthday, Nate! And a huge congrats from all of us at Chimp for smashing your fundraising goal!

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