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Why We Give: Mark Kirton

February 14, 2024

Meet the retired NHL player who’s changing the game and defying odds in his relentless pursuit of a cure for ALS. To say Mark Kirton is inspiring barely scratches the surface. In 2018, the former NHL player (1978-1989) was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); a ruthless disease that systematically disconnects the mind from muscle, […]

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Why We Give: Kyle Gruen

December 20, 2023

Creating real, tangible change might be as simple as one person saying, “I want to do something about this, do you?” When the Russian invasion shattered the lives of millions in Ukraine nearly two years ago, narratives of displaced families and missing children punched Kyle Gruen square in the gut. Even from 9000 km away […]

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“We are Meant to Work Together”: Generosity Stories

August 25, 2022

Our donors are diverse and have many stories to tell. We recently heard from some about why they use our platform.  Certain generous people exclusively use their Impact Accounts for their giving. Others manage Charity Profile pages of the registered charities they run, while also contributing to causes as individuals. Some are driven by giving […]

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