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Why We Give: Dr. Alex DiGiacomo

September 08, 2023

This summer, Dr. Alex DiGiacomo is cycling across Canada in solidarity with kids, teens, and parents who can’t access the psychological care they desperately need.   Perched on the weathered floor of a remote cabin somewhere outside of Kenora, Ontario, Dr. Alex DiGiacomo joins our Zoom call with a burst of warmth and authenticity. She’s undeniably […]

Your Stories

Why We Give: Martina Seo

July 19, 2023

Meet Martina Seo. A vivacious high school home economics teacher from West Vancouver, BC, known for her acts of generosity. She shares her passion for charitable giving with contagious enthusiasm and speaks with warmth and honesty, quickly putting one at ease. Martina paints a vivid picture of how her upbringing shaped her desire to give. […]

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Donors make a billion-dollar difference on Charitable Impact

April 26, 2022

You’re the hero in our story. Thank you for showing your immense generosity and building Canada’s fastest-growing giving network.  We are so excited to share we have reached $1 billion in charitable donations on Charitable Impact—thanks to donors like you!  One billion is difficult for the mind to process. For us, this milestone is not […]

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