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Women’s Impact on Canadian Philanthropy

March 08, 2024

Donations made by women have nearly tripled over the past decade. As women continue to amass wealth at an unprecedented pace, the future of philanthropy is looking mighty female. News that women give a lot back to the world isn’t exactly groundbreaking. It’s not like we just discovered fire here—women have always been deeply involved […]

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2023 Year in Review

February 05, 2024

Here’s to you and each gift that tilted the scale toward a brighter future.  We looked at Charitable Impact’s 2023 data and giving trends, and Canadian donors lit up every nook and cranny with their generosity. With $230M in donations and 18,087 gifts to charities, your collective impact echoed far and wide, proving once and […]

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Youth Mental Health Charities in Canada

October 10, 2023

October 10 marks World Mental Health Day—a day that may resonate with many of us. The area of mental health holds a prominent place in the charity world, but there are many nuances that exist beneath the overarching umbrella of mental health, each with a unique face, a unique story, and unique needs.  The range […]

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