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2023 Year in Review

February 05, 2024

Here’s to you and each gift that tilted the scale toward a brighter future.  We looked at Charitable Impact’s 2023 data and giving trends, and Canadian donors lit up every nook and cranny with their generosity. With $230M in donations and 18,087 gifts to charities, your collective impact echoed far and wide, proving once and […]

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Gifts That Give Back

December 07, 2023

Swap holiday shopping stress for gifts that do good, spread joy, and score you a tax break. If you’re looking for gift ideas that bring more joy to the world, you’re not alone. A growing number of Canadians plan to incorporate charitable giving into their holiday shopping this year, and many of us are on […]

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A Profile of Women in Wealth Management

March 06, 2023

We spoke with highly accomplished wealth managers to learn about how giving, philanthropy & their own experiences inform their work.  Women are set to control $93 trillion in wealth globally and reach almost 40% of all wealth in North America by 2023. Yet when it comes to gaining insight about investing and money management from […]

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