Build Healthy Habits with the Help of Others

Stories | January 20, 2015

If you’ve kept your New Year’s resolutions to date, congratulations! You’ve started the year on the right foot and you’re on your way to building healthy habits that last.

If you’re looking for helping starting — and keeping — your resolutions to get healthy, it’s not too late!


The trick to creating new habits and sticking with them any time of year is partly in the repetition. But it also requires meaningful incentives to keep you motivated.

That’s why we launched the Healthy Habit Charity Challenge — to give you the impetus and accountability to build the foundation for healthy habits.


By participating in the challenge, you get social support tools and meaningful incentives to help you stick to your health resolutions while helping the causes you care about. Take a look at how it’s working for a couple of participants so far…

Linda and Caitlin: Going Strong


Chimp staff members Linda Wong and Caitlin Lavallee are participating in the Healthy Habit Charity Challenge to motivate them to keep on top of their fitness goals. They’ve rallied their friends for support and accountability, and they’ve also benefitted from tackling the challenge together.

The pair has been working out twice a week in the small basement office gym at lunchtime. “Doing our workouts together has been great for motivation,” Linda said as Caitlin nodded. “Linda is very inspiring,” she added.


As they perfected their lunges, curls and push ups, Linda and Caitlin shared some of the challenges and successes they’ve experienced so far.

Meet Linda


Fitness Goal: As a long-distance runner, I was neglecting strength training, so I started out focusing on my arms, but I’m now including legs and back for posture.
Fundraising Goal: $500
Charity: The Terry Fix Foundation
Biggest challenge: My friends already think of me as fit, so they don’t think I need the motivation to do more. But I do!
Tip for success: Be flexible enough to adjust based on what’s working and what isn’t. That will help you make lasting changes.
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Meet Caitlin


Fitness Goal: By the end of this challenge I will run a half marathon in under 2 hours.
Fundraising Goal: $200
Charity: Nightshift Ministries
Biggest challenge: Getting people to challenge me! As well, I have recently fallen in love with spin class, which means I am neglecting my running, therefore I am paying into my Giving Group more than I expected.
Tip for success: Do the challenge with a friend or a group so you have accountability and someone to challenge. It’s hard to get your group active when you are a lone member.
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