“Bring Your Kids to Work Day” at Chimp

Research | April 30, 2014

At Chimp, our goal is to make charity part of everyday living. So when we held our first ever “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” a few weeks ago, we wanted to incorporate giving into our workplace in a fun and meaningful way.

The not-so-typical day got started with our twelve mini-Chimpers spending time with their parents and learning about what they do. After that they were put straight to work on some very important tasks: arts and crafts, hallway bowling, and hot dog eating just to name a few.

To cap off a fun morning, the kids (with some help from their parents) hosted a bake sale to raise funds for mental health in support of Clara’s Big Ride. A Giving Group on Chimp was created, and us “big kids” added charitable dollars into the group in exchange for tokens we could swap for tasty treats.

In the span of a morning, over $400 was raised and an assortment of delicious baked goods consumed!

Here’s a little bit more of the charitable fun we all had that day:

Have a fun charitable idea for your workplace? Raising funds together to support the causes everyone cares about has never been easier. Whether it’s bringing your kids to work, hosting a jeans day, or celebrating a retirement – adding a charitable element can be simple and fun.

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