Bring Crowdfunding To Life With Video

How To | May 15, 2013

Last week, I attended a Net Tuesday Meetup. The topic was “Using Video To Tell A Story.” Inspired by the ideas, I put together a short list of ways those on a shoestring budget can utilize video to share a story:

1. Create animated videos on PowerPoint. 
Microsoft’s Corporate Citizenship Blog recently highlighted the animated video Trickle Up in New York created to raise awareness for their “She’s The Solution” campaign.

Here are a few resources to help you share your own stories:
Microsoft’s PowerPoint Blog’s 200 e-learning powerpoint tutorials
Advanced PowerPoint Animation (how to video)

2. Take Advantage Of Free Screen Sharing Apps To Enhance Your How-To Videos
ScreenCast– unlimited screen recording and sound for simple how-to videos
Jing – up to 5 min. screen + voice recording. It’s also a great app for save + share screenshots

3. Enhance and Remix Video, a la PopUp Video
Mozilla’s Popcorn allows you to add embellishments like a live Twitter feed, Wikipedia definitions, and callouts.

4. Turn Static Photos Into Animated Videos
Animoto breathes life into photos allowing you to add text, music and style. This would be great for a thank you video or as an accompaniment to an event wrap up email.

5. Whiteboard Animations
Have a multi-step description to share? Sparkol’s VideoScribe let’s you build your own whiteboard animations, with custom + stock images, text, music and voice recording. There is a 7 day free trial to test it out, and then it is $24/month or $177/year.

For a little more depth on 3, 4, and 5, check out Net Tuesday’s recent post on the same topic.

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