Are you a small B.C. charity? Find out how you can apply for a $2,000 grant today

News | February 1, 2018

Does your charity need to transition to the new BC Societies Act? A quick email to CHIMP today could provide $2,000 to make it happen.

The Walsh Foundation is a British Columbia-based philanthropic organization, which CHIMP is supporting in their desire to help charities prosper, and their latest program is focussed on assisting smaller charities with transitioning to the new BC Societies Act, which came into effect November 28, 2016. The foundation is kindly offering 25 grants of $2,000 each for small charities that need a hand with the transition, which can make a significant difference for these charities.

All registered societies in B.C. are required to comply with the new Act, including registered charities. However, of the more than 27,000 B.C. non-profit societies, many have yet to make the transition. And for good reason – bringing your charity in line with the new Act can cost an average of $2,000 in legal and consultant fees and must be completed by November 28, 2018. For large organizations, this is a drop in the funding bucket. For small charities with limited resources, it could negatively impact the good they can do this year.

This grant program by The Walsh Foundation is incredibly generous, and their goal is to make a big impact on small charities that truly need it. In order to be considered, your charity must meet the following criteria:

  • Up to $2 million annual budget cap
  • B.C.-based head office
  • Charitable registration with the CRA
  • Have not yet transitioned to the new Act
  • Not faith-based

Preference will be given to charities that work to make real change in these specific areas:

  • Underprivileged children or children with disabilities
  • Specialized student programs
  • Medical research/assistance
  • Animal rescue/education
  • Other social or scientific causes

The Walsh Foundation prefers to work with organizations that have realistic objectives, that are well-managed, and that makes a difference without significant overhead. Charities that are already very well-funded are not deemed to be priorities for this program.

To apply for a grant, send an email to with the subject “Walsh Foundation Grant Application.” In 200 words or less, tell us how your charity meets the criteria listed above and why you deserve the grant. Include the name of your organization, your CRA registration number, and your name. The deadline for applications is February 21, 2018, and only selected applicants will be contacted. Grants will be awarded by February 28, 2018.

Don’t delay, apply for one of 25 grants today – 200 words could mean $2,000 for your charity.

If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to email us at

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