Ali’s Poem


Being a confused youth
in an environment where you are
not only expected,
but crossed-out of your mom’s system
the minute you turn 18,
life treats you very heavy.

I was so stuck, I didn’t even know where to go.
I got to a house on the street.
I was like ‘Can I sleep here?’

My friend had already given me the number
for Covenant House.
I had it in my pockets.
But I was raised like a hare.
All I know is run,
tough it up, tough it up.
That’s the streets, we call it.

Covenant House. Covenant House.
I got food that night,
a new set of socks and a shirt.
Took a shower, too.
They got me a bed
and it kept on going on and on and on.
And I was still going to school at the same time.

This organization provided me with
all the necessities in life.
It’s not easy.
What helped me strip the shame
is a group of people
I first wrongly judged beyond measure.
I never wanted to socialize without knowing
who they are.
Turned out to be the best friends
I find hard to live life without.

I have never been hugged to the chest.
Open and conducive.

This coalition with the Whitecaps,
they are fusing efforts together,
to create a lifetime flow
of such a philanthropic experience.

– Ali Senyama



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