A Whole New Chimp… Is Coming

Research | October 25, 2013


New colours and a slight new spin on our ambigram’d logo, are part of first phase of changes to Chimp. But wait, there’s much, much more to come! 

Our lead designer, Clayton answered a few questions on the first phase of Chimp’s new look:

Crystal: What’s the thing you’re most jazzed about about the new look of Chimp?

Clayton: We’ve been working on the new brand for many months. I’m most excited to seeing the result of that hard work translate into the website. It’s not just me who worked on it, our whole development team pressed onwards to deploy this first stage and we even involved the rest of our officemates during a “Bug Fest.”


Crystal: Look at the “spinny thing” the logo in the corner does. Does it have a name?

Clayton: We named it “The Flipp’in Logo!” It works well in Chrome/Safari. And, according to a source (ahem, Crystal), DJ’s Michael Eckford of CKNW’s The Shift + Robin Larose of Rock 101 think it’s pretty cool. 

Crystal: A lot of the usability of Chimp still feels familiar. What can we expect to see on Chimp?

Clayton: How the site works is still the same. Screens haven’t changes, buttons haven’t moved, functionality hasn’t been effected. What we’ve done, at this stage, is purely about getting Chimp.net into our new brand. This the brand we’ll be using from here on out!

Crystal: Can we expect more of this “new brand” to come?

Clayton: Absolutely. We’re working on some of what we call “outside of the wall features” as we speak. So when a person gets introduced to Chimp for the first time, there will be lots more for them to discover.

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