A Fee Free December on Chimp

Research | November 8, 2013

Let them pick up the tab

A champion of charity is stepping up to cover all fees this December on Chimp. This means that 100% of donations sent to your charity through Chimp will be free from fees, allowing for greater charitable impact.

Here are 3 ways you can get the most out of a fee free December:

  1. Share the news – Tell your supporters give to you anytime between December 1st-31st, and give them a chance to make 100% of their donation to you count.
  2. Start a Giving Group – Giving is better together, and there’s no better way to give together than starting a fun, social, and easy-to-share Giving Group. Set up a Giving Group around an event or new project you’re planning for December, and encourage your donors to give. Again, let them know that if they give to you in December, 100% of their donation will benefit a cause they believe in.
  3. Get the Chimp donate button – Collect donations online through Chimp on your website. It’s free, easy to setup, and provides donors with a smooth online giving experience. Get started here.

We’re proud to be able to offer the most affordable way to give in Canada and we hope you’ll join us this December.

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