A Chimp Milestone — 7.1m Dollars Donated!

Research | April 16, 2013

We’re both stoked and humbled by the generosity of the community. To date, $7.1 million has been donated into Chimp and 1620 unique charities have received money through Chimp.

To commemorate, we brought together some friends of Chimp to celebrate.


The who:
7: Sarah Shandl (One Year One Percent)
1: Stephanie Wiriahardja (Community Manager, Hootsuite)
0: Lisa Martella (Executive Director, A Loving Spoonful)
0: Will Cromack (Director, Champions in Sport)
0: Jenna Herbut (Producer, Make It Show, Make It Happen Documentary)
0: Philip Wright (Forward, Men’s Field Hockey Canada Team)
0: Joe Leary (On Air Host, Team Radio)

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