A charitable idea a day

How To | February 28, 2012

For every day in February, we came up with a different way people could be charitable through Chimp. We posted them to Twitter and Facebook hoping to plant some ideas and show how easy it can be to practice everyday charity.

Here’s the full list of ideas (some of which are date or event specific), which we hope might also inspire some of your own in months to come.

February 1
Every time you see a homeless person this month, add $1 to your fund. End of the month, give it to a charity helping them.

February 2
It’s Groundhog Day. How about we all chimp $10 if the little guy sees his shadow, or $20 if not and winter’s going to wrap up in 6 weeks.

February 3
Going out on the town tonight? Don’t feel guilty about imbibing, chimp a few bucks for every drink you have.

February 4
Splurge on something you want more than you need? Donate a few bucks to your Chimp Fund since you can afford to.

February 5
It’s Superbowl Sunday. Chimp $1 for every point your team scores. Or $2 for every beer you drink; $5 for every piece of pizza.

February 6
Turn that Facebook obsession into something good. Vow to add $ to your fund every time you check it at work.

February 7
Set up a Giving Group with colleagues to make bad habits charitable. $1 for every “f” bomb, $5 for being late to a meeting, etc.

February 8
Forget to actually attach attachments? (Guilty!) Chimp a few bucks every time you drop the ball.

February 9
Often keep people waiting? Add $5 to your Chimp Fund every time you’re late. Better yet, chimp them $5 as an apology.

February 10
Set up a book club Giving Group. Instead of making food, add food $ to the group fund and give it to a charity where your book is set.

February 12
Give to your church through Chimp. It might be easier that finding change for the collection.

February 13
Got a friend who might spend V Day alone tomorrow? Be their Valentine, chimp them with a nice note.

February 14
Restaurants are too crowded  on Valentine’s Day. Order in, or make a great dinner together and chimp the money you save.

February 15
Complaining about your winter cold? Give to a health-related charity as thanks it’s not worse.

February 16
Got a friend who’s sticking to their resolution? Since yours is to be more charitable (right?!), chimp them for a job well done.

February 17
February is Heart & Stroke Month. Chimp a family member who’s survived a heart attack or stroke and let them choose who to give the $ to.

February 18
Bad Canucks fans were at it again, spraying graffiti on a church in Burnaby. Add to this Giving Group and a donor will match the funds to repair the damage.

February 19
Believe in the practice of tithing, zakat or your religion’s equivalent? Do it through Chimp.

February 20
If you’re in AB, ON or SK, be thankful for Family Day. Add a few $ for every member of your family or give to a charity that helps families.

February 21
Treat yourself to an overpriced coffee today? Treat your Chimp Fund to the same amount. Try it all week long.

February 22
Been sticking to your resolutions since January 1? Feel even better about yourself by giving to a cause you care about.

February 23
Like the idea of chimping regularly but often forget? Set up a recurring donation, and the $ is there when you’re inspired to give.

February 24
Got kids? Give them a “charitable allowance” through Chimp and help them choose charities they want to support.

February 25
Giving up something for Lent? At Easter, donate what you’ve saved from not consuming it. Donate double if you cheat.

February 26
It’s Oscar night. Make the extravagance charitable: chimp $1 for every dress you love, $2 for the ones you slam (negativity costs more).

February 27
Does your friend refuse gas money even though he drops you off after work all the time? Chimp’im to say thanks.

February 28
Tomorrow is a day that only comes around every 4 years. Chimp 4 friends, give a bit to 4 charities, etc. to celebrate the leap year.

February 29
It’s Anti-Bullying Day. Add a buck for every pink shirt you see then give it to a charity working to fight bullying.



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