$50,000 Raised For New Gallery At Science World

Research | February 12, 2015

It was the busiest Family Day so far at Science World — and the most charitable one! Over 5,700 parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and children streamed into the galleries on February 9 to explore the Science of Giving through a special cause-focused scavenger hunt. And by making a donation to Science World’s new Wonder Gallery.



Through at-the-door and online donations, visitors gave a total of $25,000 and every dollar was matched by a generous donor.

“It was a fantastic day and we couldn’t have reached our goal without the overwhelming support of families,” says Jennifer Ingham, Science World’s VP of Development.

“The match will allow us to add $50,000 to our campaign total, so that brings us up to $230,000 we can put towards the Wonder Gallery.”

A New Gallery for “the Littlest Scientists”

Science World’s new gallery, with the promising name “Wonder”, will be targeted towards infant to kindergarten-aged children — or “our littlest scientists”, as Pauline Finn, VP of Community Engagement, puts it.

What exactly visitors will get to see once the gallery is complete is still a bit of a secret. Ways to explore concepts such as water, light and motion will be part of the new 3,300 square feet exhibit, which will also provide some much needed space for Science World’s growing audience, says Pauline Finn.

“Currently we have one kids-based gallery, but it’s bursting at the seams. So, Wonder will give us more space and access to researchers and cutting-edge ideas and opportunities for hands-on learning.”

A Fun Scavenger Hunt to Explore Causes

Hands-on learning was also part of Chimp’s Science of Giving scavenger hunt. On Family Day, kids of all ages had a chance to explore charitable causes and get to know Ben-E, Chimp’s benevolent resident robot.

After grabbing their “Passport to Giving” at the Chimp lab, kids visited various Science World exhibits to look for answers to cause-related questions in their passport booklet. At the end of the scavenger hunt, kids could choose their favourite cause and add a cause sticker to the “World of Giving” wall. And there was a prize waiting for them, including a $5 charitable claim card to help families start a tradition of giving.

“Every parent wants to raise kind, caring and generous kids,” says Chimp CEO, John Bromley. “By getting kids involved in charitable giving, we can teach them that they can make the world better with their actions.”

Did you miss the Science of Giving at Science World? No worries. You can still learn about causes, the science of giving and giving together as a family at chimp.net/familygiving

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