5 Reasons to Give with Chimp Before December 31

How To | December 29, 2014

While charitable giving goes hand-in-hand with the holiday season, there are a few other reasons to give through Chimp before the year ends.

1. You can give now, get a tax receipt immediately, and choose your charities later

If you’re not sure where to give, or haven’t had a chance to research charities that match your giving goals, simply park your money in your Chimp account for now, and get a tax receipt immediately. Then, you can give the money to the charities of your choice whenever you’re ready.

2. You can claim the gift on your 2014 income tax

The government offers tax incentives for charitable donations. You can claim eligible amounts of gifts to a limit of 75% of your net income. Rates vary per province, and jump after your first $200 to a maximum of 29%. Check the Canada Revenue Agency’s tax credit calculator to find out how much of your donation you can claim.

3. You don’t pay processing fees

Until December 31, Chimp has teamed up with Hootsuite to cover the processing fees on your donation. Normally, giving money costs money — in administrative and third-party processing fees. At 1%, our administrative fee is the lowest in Canada for charitable donations, which means donating through Chimp costs less than donating through any other platform. But until December 31, 100% of your donations go to the charity they’re intended for — fee free!

4. You can give powerful and purposeful gifts to friends and family

A recent study revealed that Canadians want meaningful gifts during the holidays, and what’s more meaningful than contributing to a cause that is close to your heart — and helping others do the same! Through your Chimp account, you can send charitable dollars to anyone via email. You still get the tax receipt, and they choose where to give the donation. You can also do this all year long for birthdays and other celebrations!

5. You can pass on your charitable values to your kids

Modelling charitable giving for your kids is a good way to pass on charitable values and teach the importance of giving to others — especially during the holidays. Giving through Chimp means you can set up a Chimp account for your kids, give them a charitable gift or allowance, and empower them to donate to charities that interest them.

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