4 Ways to Ensure the Success of Your Corporate Philanthropy Program

How To | October 13, 2015

Corporate giving programs not only enable your company to give back to local and global communities, they also help further your business goals.

From an HR perspective, company giving programs help to attract, engage and retain employees who search for meaning in their work that goes beyond a paycheque.

And from a marketing perspective, giving back can boost both your brand and bottom line. But only if your giving program is done right.

Today’s successful workplace giving programs are interactive, employee and customer-driven, and inspired by causes your people are passionate about. Here’s a look at how to create a corporate philanthropy program that effectively engages your staff and customers.

1. Let Employees Choose Where to Give

Companies that empower employees to bring their causes to work increase participation rates in workplace giving programs.

That’s because people are more likely to give to causes they care about personally, and employees are more likely to participate in fundraising, giving and volunteer activities if their own charitable initiatives are supported by their company and co-workers.

2. Double Donations

You can boost the return on your generosity by doubling employee and customer donations.

Rather than writing a large cheque to a company-sponsored charity, put that money toward matching employee and customer donations. This enables donors to make twice the impact on causes they care about, and incentivizes further giving.

3. Leverage Peer-to-Peer Promotion

Increase engagement in your initiatives by letting employees and customers do the asking.

People are more likely to give to a cause when asked by a peer than by a superior. By enabling peer-to-peer gifts and social fundraising, you encourage employees and customers to get involved in your corporate giving program.

4. Include a Variety of Giving Options

Give employees and customers the option to give to, fundraise for or volunteer for their chosen causes.

Not everyone wants to donate to a cause, but many want to give in other ways. Providing options for giving back empowers employees and customers to make a difference on their terms. And that can make all the difference in the success of your workplace giving program.

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