4 Ways to Take a Stand Against Bullying on Pink Shirt Day

How To | February 2, 2015

Every day in every community kids get bullied at school, in their neighbourhoods and online. Some get bullied because of their race, their size or their social status. Others get bullied for simply being themselves.

In 2007, a Grade 9 student at Central Kings Rural High School in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. Like most bullying incidents, it could easily have gone unnoticed. But in this case, two Grade 12 students saw what happened and decided to take a stand against the boy’s bullies. They effectively changed the course of history.


The two students, who had both experienced bullying when they were younger, encouraged their peers to stand with them against the bullies by wearing pink to school. Two days later, more than half of the 830 students wore pink to school in solidarity with the bullying victim. And the movement quickly spread to neighbouring schools, and eventually, across the world.

Pink Shirt Day (also known as Anti-Bullying Day globally) is now celebrated in more than 25 countries worldwide and has been recognized by the United Nations. In British Columbia, it’s celebrated on February 25 with a show of pink and a coordinated effort by the CKNW Orphan’s Fund to fundraise for anti-bullying programs.

Think Pink: How You Can Help Stop Bullying


Last year, Pink Shirt Day fundraising efforts in BC raised $200,000 for anti-bullying and violence prevention programs. This year, recipients will include the Boys and Girls Clubs of BC, the Canadian Red Cross of BC, Kids Help Phone, Kidsafe Project Society, and others.

Whether you have loved ones who have suffered at the hands of bullies, or your own childhood memories of being bullied, you can be part of the solution by taking a stand against bullying.


Here’s what you can do to show your support for the anti-bullying movement on February 25.

Buy a shirt or a pin: One hundred percent of net proceeds from the sale of Pink Shirt Day T-shirts and pins goes toward these anti-bullying programs.

Donate: Can’t wear pink? No problem. You can still show your support by making a donation to the Pink Shirt Day Campaign.

Fundraise: Start a Giving Group and get your friends, family and colleagues involved in helping you raise funds for anti-bullying programs (or any Canadian charity of your choice).


Share your pink pics: Take a stand against bullying online by sharing your Pink Shirt Day pictures with the #PinkShirtDay hashtag.

Creative Fundraising Ideas


Whether you’re at school, at work or fundraising with your friends and family, here are some creative ideas to spark your Pink Shirt Day fundraising efforts.

  • Pink baked goods: Decorate waffles, cupcakes, cookies or donuts with pink food colouring and offer them up by donation
  • Pink or pay: Encourage co-workers, friends and family members to wear pink, and if they don’t, they donate!
  • Paint it pink: Cover a wall at work or school with pink paper and encourage people to unleash their inner artist with decorative contributions by donation

Ready to get involved in Pink Shirt Day? We can help you launch your fundraising campaign. Send us an email at hello@chimp.net or call 1-877-531-0580.

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