#30DaysOfKindness Lovemob

Research | November 8, 2013

Yesterday we teamed up with a few good companies and individuals to lovemob two charities for 30 Days Of Kindness. When we were asked by Marc to share a kind act, we knew it was time to bring back the lovemob. Lovemobs are one way we help the community show appreciation and celebrate the hard work charities do for all of us. Here’s how the two lovemobs unfolded yesterday:

Lovemob 1: A Loving Spoonful

We brought Panago, David’s Tea, and dani press together to show some kindness to A Loving Spoonful.

A team of volunteers from the Vancouver Canucks staff were also on hand for their #Live2Give volunteer day. Talk about a day of kindness and charity at the Loving Spoonful!

Lovemob 2: imagine1day

For our second lovemob of the day, we partnered with Tacofino and food.ee to surprise imagine1day with a taco lunch.

Here’s their reaction:

Thank you to all our kindness champions for making this 30 Days Of Kindness lovemob happen – it wouldn’t have been possible without their charitable support! Thank you also to Marc for sharing 30 Days Of Kindness with us this year – if you’d like to lovemob him, you can give to his Chimp Giving Group.

Are you a company interested showing some charity love? Tweet us or reach us at community [at] chimp.net.

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