3 Things that Inspire Us in Giving

How To | July 20, 2015

We at Chimp spend a lot of time online — reading, watching, sharing and always looking out for the latest information, research and inspiration on making giving part of everyday living.

In the spirit of giving back, we’d like to share our best finds with you. Every couple of weeks, we’ll post our favourite, most inspiring shareable bits so you, too, can find new ways to make giving part of your everyday life.

How Millennials Give

Millenial Report

With the release of the Millennial Impact Report at MCON earlier this month, we’ve been enlightened with more info than we ever could have wanted about the latest generation of donors. But what we love even more than all that research? The fact that our colleague Brady Josephson parsed it all out for us into seven easily digestible key insights on his blog Re:charity.

Giant Ant at Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings

A few members of our team had the good fortune to attend the presentation by the founders of Giant Ant — Jay Grandin and Leah Nelson — at Creative Mornings in Vancouver. Known for their incredible video and animation work, these partners in life and work offered tips on collaborating creatively. Unsurprisingly, it’s all about the give and take.

Your Daily Dose of Water

GOOD Infographic

In the midst of a hot, dry summer in our hometown Vancouver, we’ve all become more conscious of our water consumption. Then we found this cool infographic by GOOD Magazine, which lets you calculate how many gallons of water your lifestyle requires each day. The results will astonish you, even if you thought you were water conscious. It’s definitely good food for thought.

What inspires you? Post your inspirational bits in the comments for all to share!

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